Episode 13: A Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

“We have a misunderstanding of what entrepreneurship is and why failure feeds success.”

We open the year 2019 with a discussion on entrepreneurship featuring the General Manager of the Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT), Cardell Fergusson. Do we have a true understanding of what entrepreneurship really is? Are we confusing entrepreneurship with self-employment? Will a failure to understand this difference be to our detriment in the long run, especially as there is a current drive to herd retrenched workers into the direction of entrepreneurship?

We tackle these questions and touch on other critical discussion points including:

  • The opportunity that lies in the change in the way the world currently does business.

  • How the BYBT embraces this change.

  • Creating the allure for entrepreneurs to use digital platforms to advance their businesses.

  • Changing the way the entrepreneur views failure.

  • The value of telling our stories.

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Learn more about the Barbados Youth Business Trust and the work this charity is doing to empower entrepreneurs:

  1. Website: www.youthbusiness.bb

  2. Facebook: @BarbadosYouthBusinessTrust

  3. Twitter: @BYBT

Find out more about how RDL Eagle Trade is helping budding entrepreneurs via our Eagle Incubator programme, click here →

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