Episode 14: Tapping Into Barbados' Billion-Dollar Energy Sector

“The market is opening. The only challenge is, will you be among those few that see the signs and hear the message before others and realize that the policies of the government are exactly what you need to start [a business in the emerging renewable energy sector] or are you going to be the last person on board the ship?”

Over the next 10 years, Barbadians will spend around 20 billion dollars on energy. With a current target of achieving 100% renewable energy usage by 2030, the government of Barbados has created a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency fiscal incentives that are hoped to open up the country's billion-dollar energy sector to a diversity of local entrepreneurs, and in turn assist in building the local capacity to supply the demand for renewable energy.

In this episode, we speak to William Hinds BJH, SCM, Chief Energy Conservation Officer in the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources. We discuss the opportunities that exist in the emerging renewable energy sector for both individuals and companies as well as the change his ministry plans to bring to Barbados in the coming years.

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To learn more about the renewable energy and energy efficiency fiscal incentives, review the documents required for the application process and download the application form, click here →

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