Episode 12: Educate, Cultivate, Facilitate, Then Watch Them Dominate

In this episode, our host Collis Williams engages in a very passionate and high energy discussion with Belizean Egbert Irving, Program Manager at the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business & Management. Egbert's role puts him in a position where he has access to the fertile minds of young people from across the region and as such, he is considered to be a critical person in the strategy for safeguarding the sustainability of our Caribbean people.

As a moulder of minds, Collis charges Egbert with repositioning the mentality of our youth to help them to understand not only how important it is to get in line as an entrepreneur, but also to be part of the agitation to facilitate the mastery of their own destiny. There is also a strong appeal to our youth to push their way through the contagion of old staid ideas that currently remain intact and ultimately hamper their progress.

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Episode 10: The Platform Must Be Immediately Created for the Evolving Caribbean Entrepreneur to Thrive

In this episode we hear from Jannene Inniss, co-owner of the small agro-processing company, Groen Leaf. Jannene knows the challenges faced by Caribbean entrepreneurs all too well and shares some of her personal experiences with us. Together with our host, Jannene pleads for the paradigm shift needed for our region to create the platform that facilitates the evolving entrepreneur and allows them to both export their talents to the world and be competitive.

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