Episode 16: Why The Caribbean May Be Looking At E-Commerce Trade Incorrectly

E-commerce consultant Roger Barrow deconstructs the current Caribbean e-commerce environment, offering insight into the history of the global e-commerce market and how it has limited our capacity to participate. We delve into how we can circumvent these limitations and outline specific ways that Caribbean people can swim with the current e-commerce tide instead of against it—one such method is by shifting our focus towards the service element of e-commerce trade instead of on the physical goods aspect.

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Episode 11: How Financial Technology will Facilitate the Caribbean E-commerce Entrepreneur

It's not just the logistics of getting products to the international customer that poses a problem for Caribbean entrepreneurs but also the financial logistics of trading with that same international customer base.

In this episode we feature financial technology (FinTech) professional Rasheed J Griffith who helps us to understand these challenges and sheds light on ways that we can go about fixing them. You'll walk away with an understanding of:

  • The specific structural dilemma facing the Caribbean as it pertains to internet payments

  • How we can get past this structural dilemma

  • Why in today's world cash is no longer king

  • How we can potentially reduce our perceived financial structural risk using preexisting infrastructure

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