Episode 20: Medical logistics can transform healthcare in the Caribbean. Here's how.

“Logistics is an answer that is not well accepted in the Caribbean.”

You might not have realized how harnessing the power of logistics can transform your own medical practice and by extension, the healthcare industry in the Caribbean on a whole.

In this episode of the Then Let’s Fix It! podcast, RDL's Medical Logistics Solutionist Dr. Cherise Vanderpool joins our host and Logistics Director Collis Williams in discussing how Caribbean medical practitioners can use logistics as a tool to drive the cost of patient care down, while at the same time elevating their patient experience and propelling their practices forward.

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Get in touch with Dr. Cherise Vanderpool:

  1. Email: cherise@rdleagle.com

  2. LinkedIn: Cherise Vanderpool

  3. Schedule a 10-minute phone call here: Schedule Call


RDL Eagle’s Medical Logistics Solutionists attend the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME)

At FIME, the team connected with a large number of world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, hospital technology, products and supplies. The information gathered at the expo will be made available to the cohort of regional medical practitioners served by the medical logistics arm of RDL Eagle Trade.

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