Episode 18: The Devil In Demurrage

“What I see now is not a penalty for the extensive use of equipment… I see a profiteering on equipment as an addendum to the profit made in shipping.”

It’s a fact—demurrage plagues us in the Caribbean. And we can’t help but notice how it has made a shift from penalty to profiteering.

Following on from our recently published article ‘On Demurrage: Developing A Level of Reasonableness’, our host Collis Williams, gives his thoughts on the plague that is demurrage. Can we find a cure for this crippling malady in the near future?

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In the article On Demurrage: Developing A Level Of Reasonableness, guest contributor to our RDL blog, Wanda Downes, dissects the demurrage problem and offers suggestions on how we can develop a level of reasonableness for both parties involved—carriers and importers/exporters.

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