Episode 7: Change The Perspective, Demand Your True Value

“There is no reason to settle for good when great is possible.”

It’s game time. You're two love down and there are ten minutes to go. What will you do? Are you going to score two goals in the ten minutes remaining in the football game or are you going to aim for three? Defenders will opt to score two goals with the aim of drawing the game but in actuality, two goals can't save your team. Strikers on the other hand, will change their strategy and formulate a plan of attack that ensures that they score three goals in order to win the game. In the Caribbean, we need more strikers. Don’t you agree?

In this episode, Leadership Development Professional Marjorie Wharton tackles the resistance to and the inevitability of the change needed to make the evolution from where we presently are in the logistics industry in the Caribbean to where we need to be. We delve into the fact that the necessary change must come from first principles—a change in mindset and the willingness to disrupt the status quo so that the strikers among us can score goals.

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