Incentives & Concessions

Are you eligible for concessions on imported goods? - Nakita Haynes, Eagle


We open our shores to innovators. There may be a concession for you.

At RDL Eagle, we are convicted that there is a concession out there for everyone who sincerely wants to invest in our lands and people, and contribute to the development of the Caribbean. We bow at our Caribbean Governments’ mission to open our shores to the world’s creative and innovative investors, to assist in unleashing the world-class potential of these islands we call home.

It is not the physical attributes of our sovereign lands alone, which provide potential for reward to the investor, but also our people who carry an inner sunshine and purpose that will dawn on those who choose to share the experience of our shores. It is the harmony of this tripartite chord of human resource, physical resource and investors' resource that becomes the occupation of the Government of each island. Rest assured, with the same welcoming openness that has become the hallmark of Caribbean hospitality, our Governments will welcome the sincere investor in our potential. 

RDL Eagle continues to be the incubator and progenitor of the visions of these great partnerships. Let us assist you with your application for concessions for your project or business. Consult RDL.



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