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Our team of professionals (Eagles) are ready to join forces with you to help you deliver on the vision of your company. The range of services we offer include:

1. Consultancy

RDL Eagle is your mission partner. We take the time to understand your vision and use our experience and innovation in international logistics and supply chain management to thoroughly observe, assess and implement your business strategies assertively.

Use our international logistics solutions to add value and uniqueness to your home away from home.

Use our international logistics solutions to add value & Uniqueness to your home away from home.

2. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management is no easy task in these small island states we call home. Needless to say, our progressive and discerning clients deserve a high level of execution in order to deliver some of the world’s finest products, projects and services. At RDL, we understand the nuances of small island logistics and supply chain management. We leverage this understanding to give our clients the competitive edge. Find out more →

Speciality sports projects - we enhancing exclusive resort experiences.

Specialty sports projects - enhancing exclusive resort experiences.

3. Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is an old concept of accessing cargo. At RDL Eagle, we don’t just forward cargo but take our service one step further because we understand the importance of maintaining the cost and delivery integrity of a well formed-supply chain. We craft supply chains rooted in continuity, which allows us a level of proactivity that guarantees that each of our clients meets their key performance indices. Find out about our Eagle Air and Eagle Ocean freight service →

The power of logistics to elevate your oasis experience.

the power of logistics to elevate your oasis experience.

4. Luxury Luggage Delivery 

When travelling to Barbados, we can carry your bags so you don’t have to. As the sole agent for First Luggage in Barbados, we offer a luxury travel service for your luggage, ensuring that before you arrive on island your luggage is delivered to your chosen address safely and without hassle or stress.

5. Customs Brokerage

Our team’s combined experience in the customs brokerage field spans over fifty years.  At RDL Eagle Trade, our clients have around-the-clock access to our experience and technical know-how, which always delivers success. We provide the full range of import and export customs brokerage services.

An innovative approach to a client’s blackbird challenge, facilitated by RDL Eagle Trade.

an innovative approach to a client's blackbird challenge, facilitated by rdl eagle trade.

6. In-bond Inventory Management

We understand well our Caribbean Governments' mission to work with investors and entrepreneurs to allow them to deliver unique products and services to all potential customers, in a very cost effective way. It is with this understanding that we deliver a level of in-bond warehouse management that inspires our clients and protects their investments.

We know retail, well.


7. Project Logistics

Your project's effectiveness is always dependent on the efficiency of your project's logistics. In the Caribbean, where international logistics is the core of every logistics concept, the RDL team walks beside you every step of the way. It is our confidence and steadfast determination, which give our clients a true sense of security and effectiveness.

Luxurious kitchen and appliances in a tropical paradise - use Eagle Eye’d Logistics.


8. International Procurement

It is no secret that in these small island states, the diversity of products suffer at the hands of market size and demand. Our procurement services allow our clients to access unique products in the much larger global marketplace more cost effectively, while observing the delivery integrity demanded of project and just-in-time inventory systems. With one of our very own team members based in Miami, we are able to research and procure project supplies, tools and spares as well as just-in-time inventory using bespoke supply chains.

9. Medical Logistics

With two members of our team being trained medical doctors, we leverage our indepth understanding of the medical industry to help practitioners use logistics to drive their operating costs down, increase profits and stand out amongst their peers. Contact our Medical Logistics Solutionist to find out how →

“Be unique. Be the best.”


10. Small Package Logistics

RDL Eagle Express is our bespoke small package service that takes the headache out of getting small purchases made in the USA to your door in Barbados. Learn more →

Transforming shipping into an experience.

transforming shipping into an experience.

11. Event Logistics

There is nothing more time sensitive in the logistics industry than event logistics. “When” is the currency of event logistics. We get that! RDL Eagle is your support system. We consistently deliver on the lofty event visions of our clients.


"We understand well that good working relationships with all in the supply chain moves our services from good to great."



There is something particularly magical about facilitating the convergence of world class products to create a truly world class investment. RDL is the proud logistics provider of the westmoreland hills luxury villa project.


RDL Eagle is your passionate, driven, flexible and highly innovative industry practitioner. We have the knowledge, experience and a large number of well-established relationships in the industry to ensure that you consistently perform, and receive the greatest return on your hard-earned capital.

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