What is the procedure for bringing pets to Barbados? Your questions answered.

Just as Barbados opens its borders to a multitude of tourists, expats, returning nationals and second home owners who have opted to make its shores their home away from home, the island welcomes cats and dogs from all countries across the globe, provided that they satisfy the stipulated requirements.

So, what exactly are these rules that govern the entry of pets into Barbados and what is required of you the pet owner to ensure that your pet complies with them? Read on.

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Why You Might Be Losing Money On Your Air Shipments

In the air freight industry, both the weight and the size of your shipment matters when determining the shipping costs you need to pay. This weight and size consideration is reflected in a pricing technique known as volumetric weight. You should have a clear understanding of what it is, how to calculate it and some of the things you can do to minimize its potential impact on your pocket.

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Be the Intelligent Shipper—and Here’s How

When taken at face value, it may be tempting to think that the most cost-effective method of shipping is clearly the cheapest, but this may not necessarily be the case. In fact, this notion is what often leads most to hold firm to the belief that ocean freight is always the most cost-effective of the shipping modalities. However, in some cases it is the cheapest shipping mode that can potentially cost your business the most, and in turn impair your bottom line.

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