RDL Eagle Express is our boutique courier service. Think of us as your personal shipper who manages the logistics of getting your USA online purchases directly to your door in Barbados. We look after your purchases as if they were our own, taking care of any problems that may occur as they make their way to you. You do the fun part (make the purchases) and we take care of the rest.


What you can expect from us:



Personalized Service

Our Eagles are here for you. You will be provided with a single point of contact in the USA, an Eagle, who will be responsible for coordinating the shipment of your purchases. Your Eagle will ensure that your expectations are met and will keep you updated on the whereabouts of your purchases as they make their way from the USA to your door.



On-Demand Convenience

Purchase your items online at any time of day or night and on checkout, have them shipped to your Eagle in the USA. Then sit back and relax knowing that your Eagle has got you covered with its wings. 



Delivery Integrity

Have you ever seen an eagle diving after its prey? It's fast right? Well we're fast too.


Let us put you in touch with your Eagle.

Fill out the short form below and your Eagle will send you your personalized Eagle Express number and USA shipping address.

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Send it on Eagle's wings. It’s an experience.


To find out more about how RDL Eagle Express can work for you, email us at or give us a ring at (246) 428-0019.